How could you increase the number of conversions your shopping campaign?


Do you want to increase conversion rate through your shopping campaign without investing more? It’s easy with the following ideas given in this write-up.


In online marketing industry, conversion rate means when the visitors of your website perform one of the following actions: purchase of a product or service, newsletter subscription, membership registration, software download or anything just beyond simple page browsing. Successful conversion can have different definition for different online businesses, depending on their offerings and business goals. For an online publisher, subscribing to his or her website will be a successful conversion. On the other hand, for an online retailer, adding a product to cart will mean an increased conversion rate.

Regardless of their industry, every online business owner employs different methods to increase the number of conversions through their shopping campaigns that can further translate to increase return on investment. If you are getting a good amount of traffic to your website from ads, but they are not performing any buying or signing up on your site, it means you need to improve your conversion rate. Use Google AdWords’s free conversion tracking tool to measure user’s behavior. Accordingly, use different methods to improve conversion rate as given below:

If you don’t want to change your budget, then simply increase bids for product groups with low cost per conversion, and decrease bids for product groups with a high cost per conversion.

Track your Success with Tracking Conversion Rate

Are you to make a massive change to your account in order to improve performance? If yes, then take some time to see how much business your previous ads are generating. This can be done by checking the number of impressions and clicks that your ads get, in AdWords. If you don’t want to check manually, you can use the conversion tracking setting of AdWords in which it automatically shows you impressions and click given by ads. Once you set up conversion tracking, you can track the effectiveness of your campaign. If you notice that conversion rate is increasing, it means making a change in your campaign will lead to betterment in performance.

Use specific keywords for better conversion rates

Specific keywords generate more conversion as compared to general keywords. For instance, consider these keywords: EPSON, EPSON Printer, EPSON L565 InkJet printer. Here, the keyword “EPSON L565 InkJet printer” tends to generate more conversion than the other two. But remember; don’t be too specific because people rarely search for very detailed keywords. Try to maintain a balance between being general enough to match search queries and specific enough to convert into customers.

Use negative keywords to refine your traffic

This is another way to boost your conversion rate through shopping campaigns. Using negative keywords, you avoid showing your ads for those negative keywords because these are not relevant to you. It helps you limit your ad’s visibility to relevant customers and save you money.

Use the search term report to reach the right customers

The Adowrds’s search term report helps you know the exact search terms that people enter into the search field to find your offerings. This report shows you a list of such useful keywords, and you can include or exclude certain keywords to improve your campaign performance.

Include Prices in your Ad text

When people search for products or services on the Internet, they want to know the price first (in most cases). If a customer sees the price in ad text, searchers feel convenient and chances of clicking the ad increase. If they don’t like the price, then they don’t click; it means reduced cost of that click for you.

Following these ways, you can increase the number of conversions with your shopping campaign without investing more in your ads.


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